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System Integration

System integration (SI)
is also about adding
value to the system.

1.1 Desktops & Workstations: Stable computing solutions to deliver optimal performance workstations

1.2 Laptops: We do provide laptops.

1.3 Server: Supply and support of Server.

1.4 Storage: Manage your data to stay on track.

1.5 Networking: Network design, implementation and security Solutions, Router configuration.

Security Solutions

Boost your infrastructure
security services with
our security solutions.

1.1 Physical Security: Keep your computers locked down and safe from physical theft.

1.2 Data Security: Restrict access to data on personal systems to only those who should have it.

1.3 Application and Operating System Security: Utilize applications like antivirus software and software firewalls to block incoming attacks.

1.4 Network Security: Protect your network from intruders and viruses with network firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), intrusion detection and prevention systems, and web and content filtering.

1.5 Security Services: Work with Feasible Mind and our expert channel partners to get confidential and expert advice to help you protect your business from security threats.

Service Solutions

Service Solutions is about
customer service and aims at
helping organizations
in optimizing cost.

3.1 Maintenance of Hardware: Repairs/upgrades can be provided on-site anywhere on campus.

3.2 Maintenance of Software: Maintenance Software packages are really a series of choices you make to build a full-featured computerized maintenance management system that works best for your organization.

3.3 Maintenance of network: We offers a monthly service plan that provides your business with timely, routine maintenance. The goal of this maintenance is to resolve network problems before they occur, reducing emergency situations, and preventing unnecessary down time.

3.4 Website Design and Development: Web design & development encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.